Our Menu Dishes


Grilled home made dumpling with minced pork and cabbage served with spicy soy sauce.


Lightly coated crispy battered vegetables or seafood serve with dipping sauce.


Served with Hoi Sin Sauce, Shredded Cucumber and Spring onion and Pancakes.

Buddhas Delight

Mixed Vegetable Delight, Tofu, Shitake Mushroom, Dry Wood Ear, Broccoli etc.

Sweet and Sour Mixed Balls

3 chicken balls, 3 pork balls and 3 king prawn balls.

Three Meat Special Fried Rice

Slice roast duck, chicken breast and roast pork topped with BBQ sauce.

Chefs Recommendation

Spring Onions Pancake

Cheese naan, Veg. Grilled flat dough rolled with chopped spring onions served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Our Specials